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salter brecknell 7885 shipping scale
The 7885 is simple to use, durable, accurate and reliable, and ideal for conveyor lines. The remote display can be placed in a convenient location to allow the user to view the weight, zero the scale, or send weight data. This NTEP approved scale fits into any operation as a
stand-alone scale, interfaced to a shipping manifest software, or receiving station.
Remote Display– Six digit LCD display housed in an extruded enclosure with a 7 foot cable, connected
via RJ 45 connector on the rear of the scale
Remote Display Bracket– Front mounted, using
velcro strips to attach the remote display to base
Display Controls– ZERO: Includes Auto Zero Tracking or
Manual push button to re-establish zero reference. TEST:
Runs a diagnostic test to ensure scales is fully functional,
and allows a real-time view of internal settings.
Construction– Stainless steel weight platter, powder
painted 7 gauge steel weigh bridge and base plate
Field Calibration– Alternate span points can simplify
fi eld calibration by using less than full capacity weights.
Can be set-up as either decimal pound or kilogram.
RS-232 Cable– Included with each scale, DB 9-pin, null
modem, female connector allows you to connect to a PC
Emulation Protocols– Standard NCI default with fi eld
confi gurable settings of 8213, 3835, SMA, and Auto
Weight Send. This allows you to select compatible
scale communication settings or scale drivers during
fi eld installation when interfacing with shipping
software programs or host devices.

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