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precision balances

These weighing instrumnets determines in a direct way the weight in relation with the surface in g/m². These weighing device has a accurate of reading of 0,1 g/m². Usually a cutter of samples is used to obtain round samples of 100 cm².

Besides using it as precision device, you can use this balance for laboratory tasks. Simply using a key will be able to change the g/m² unit to g. In this mensuration mode has a range of weighing of 0... 200 g with a resolution of 0,001 g. With the help of the software and the cable of the optional interface you will be able to transmit the data directly from the weighing device to a computer or a laptop.


citizen ct series compact precision balance & scale (10gm to 8000gm)

Easy calibration fir 100% accuracy RS 232 interface for data output, Large LCD Backlite display, Function piece counting % weighing etc.

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citizen cy series basic precision balance (210 gm to 720 gm)
  • Multiple weighing model i.e. net total formalation piece counting, weighing in %, animal weighing.
  • Monotech Technology
  • Toggling between any two units

Models CY 220C , CY 360C , CY 510C , CY 720C and CY 1003C  Comes with Internal calibration, so prices are higher but  product reference picture is the same.

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citizen cz series precision balance (100 gm to 6000 gm)

Compact and space savings , With Re-chargeble Battery Back up, Standard RS 232C interface for data output

Our Price: US$530.00
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intel lab wps c/1 0.01g series lcd display high precision toploading balances (110g, 210g, 360g, 510g, 750g)
* Precision Manufacturing
* Cast Aluminum & Stainless Steel Construction
* Counting, %, Solid & Liquid Density
* User Friendly Menu
* Printouts for GLP Compliance
* Below Balance Weighing

Our Price: US$730.00
Market price: US$750.00 save 3%
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