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Prescription balances are scales or balances specially designed to weigh medical drugs and other substances required in doctor’s prescriptions for the preparation and use of a medicine or remedy. The Pharmacy Balances are constructed to repeated weighings of the capacity load without stresses. The Pharmacy balance have leveling adjustable feet, may feature dial-in weights and precision springs, and dial instead weighbeam. A Pharmacy Balance that has graduated weighbeam must have stop that halts the rider or poise at the zero point. The reading edge of the rider is parallel to the graduations on the weigh-beam. The distance from the face of the index plate to the indicator pointer should be no more than 1.0 mm; the point should be sharp and will indicate the balance is in perfect balance.


torbal drxs series prescription balance (300g, 500g)


300g x 0.001g Pharmacy pill counters which offers uncompromising performance. Fast pill counting with direct vial filling10,000 drug database capacityRx Verification featuresOnscreen Instructions, and 9 Pill Counting Features. Automatic Internal Calibration makes these scales essentially maintenance free. 500g x 0.001g Very accurate pill counting with advanced pill counting accuracy and pill fragment detection features. Fast, safe, and easy to use.


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torbal-drx-3-mechanical-pharmacy-balance-ntep (2 oz x 2 mg)

The Torbal Model DRX-3 meets or exceeds all the specifications and tolerances for a Class III prescription balance as defined in NBS Handbook 44, DRX-3. Torsiona Bands - A cobalt, chromium, nickel alloy with constant torsional properties over a wide temperature range. This alloy also offers extra strength and corrosion resistance.


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