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mettler toledo panther weighing terminal

mettler toledo panther weighing terminal

The PANTHER and PANTHER PLUS terminals are compact, easy-to-use weighing terminals. The PANTHER terminals, available in both harsh environment and panel-mount enclosures. They can be integrated with process control equipment through a variety of methods, including discrete I/O, analog output, Allen-Bradley RIO, Modbus Plus, PROFIBUS, and DeviceNET. The PANTHER PLUS terminal includes a numeric keypad, a time and date feature, and the ability to accommodate up to 10 targets, making it even more flexible.

Small in Size, High in Performance

The PANTHER and PANTHER PLUS terminals are the affordable solutions for quick, accurate, high performance weighing. Both are compact, easy to use, and easy to integrate. A self-contained mounting bracket and line cord make them easy to install. Just mount them on a desk or wall, hook up the load cell cable and built-in RS232 serial interface port, and you are ready to weigh. The PANTHER supports analog scale technologies and is available in a harsh environment stainless steel enclousre or a panel-mount version. The PANTHER PLUS terminal is packaged in a stainless steel enclosure and includes an 11-button numeric keypad. It can accommodate up to 10 targets with five zones each and includes a time and date feature.


Housing: Stainless steel enclosure
Degree of protection: NEMA 4x / IP65
Display: Vacuum fluorescent display with status LED
Keyboard: Six function keypad consisting of flat membrane switch covered with a domed polyester overlay or 11-button numeric keypad and function keys with universal symbols Interfaces: Serial, RS232, Discrete, analog, PLC
Applications: Simple weight indicating, over/under manual checkweighing,
Suitable: platforms / weigh modules, Analog load cell
Resolution: 10000 A/D rate (int./ext)more than 300 times per second
Digital Input/Output1 in - 3 out
Number of attachable platforms: 1
Resolution (approvable)3000e OIML, 10000d NTEP

Product Description Pan size
MET PTPN Panther Panel Mount, 7 operational keys
MET PTHN Panther Harsh Environment, 7 o operational keys
MET PTHK Panther Plus Harsh Environment 11 numeric and 7 operational k

Panther Plus Data Sheet.pdf


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