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hbm fit1 digital fluid dumped high speed (5k, 10k, 20k, 50k, 75kg)

hbm fit1 digital fluid dumped high speed (5k, 10k, 20k, 50k, 75kg)

Key Feature(s)

* Fast triggering and scaling of the measured value
* PC-Software for parameter adjustment and dynamical analysis
* 4 limit switches with hysteresis
* Four trigger functions (internal, external, pre and post trigger)
* Dosing functionalities with diagnostic channel (Type E)
* Integrated overload protection up to 1000 per cent
* Test report for 3000d according to OIML R60 in preparation

Nominal load 5 kg / 10 kg / 20 kg / 50 kg / 75 kg
Approvals OIML R60 (3000d) in preparation
Material Stainless steel
Protection class IP66

Rely on the market leader’s solution for your dynamic weighing: The FIT®/1 digital load cell meets the highest demands on speed and reliability in your heavy-duty system. Even 1,200 measurements per second are not a problem with FIT®/1.

Reliable results through integrated overload protection and sound workmanship The integrated overload protection of 1,000 percent of the maximum capacity provides additional safety for your application. Thanks to the sound workmanship of its stainless steel housing, you can rely on the long service life and high reliability of the FIT®/1 load cell.

FIT load cells are mainly used in applications where speed and accuracy are crucial factors: checkweighers, multi-station combination weighers, sorting plants, dynamic postal scales, and filling plants.

Different versions of the FIT®/1 digital load cell are available: In addition to the standard types, various extended versions with control functions for diagnosis and batching (two connecting cables) can be provided. Please refer to the data sheet for more detailed information.

* The FIT®/0 digital load cell: Your attractively priced entrance into the world of dynamic weighing
* The FIT®/4 digital load cell : Your best choice for filling liquids in constantly humid environments
* Fast, robust, precise: The FIT®/5 digital load cell for particularly difficult operating conditions

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Market price: US$1575.00
Our Price: US$1500.00
Product Description Price
HBM FIT1 5kg 5kg / 11lb 1500.00
HBM FIT1 10kg 10kg / 22.1lb 1500.00
HBM FIT1 20kg 20kg / 44.1lb 1500.00
HBM FIT1 50kg 50kg / 110lb 1500.00
HBM FIT1 75kg 75kg / 165lb 1500.00