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accuweigh series sm (n) mechanical scale stainless steel (32oz to 12kg)

The Accu-Weigh® SM(N) series of stainless steel Universal Dial Scales (UDS) are used in a variety applications. Several large grocery chains have converted to Accu-Weigh® UDS for use in their produce departments.

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accuweigh sky series mechanical scale stainless steel (900g, 1kg, 2kg)

The Accu-Weigh® SKY series of stainless steel dial scales are made exclusively for environments found in professional kitchens and meat processing plants. SKY series scales are ideal for portion control and recipe formulation. The outer housing is constructed from stainless steel with all other components made from corrosion resistant materials. The strong base platform has two supports and mechanical overload stops. The dial is made from clear shatterproof plastic and features a rotating chart for quick taring of empty containers or to tare after each ingredient of a recipe is weighed. The stainless steel snap-on platform cover is easily removed for cleaning and the 5 1/2" diameter dial is slanted 30 degrees to eliminate the need to stoop or bend down to get accurate weight readings. Black graduations on a white background are clearly marked for the fastest possible weight determination. The lightweight, balanced indicator further enhances speedy and accurate readings.

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adam acbplus compact balances (150g to 3000g)
Capacity tracker, Rechargeable battery / power supply adapter both standard, RS-232 bi-directional interface, Large backlit LCD display, 15 weighing units

Our Price: US$295.00
Market price: US$408.00 save 28%
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adam ae 401 indicator
The AE 401 is a basic indicator that has a range of features for many different applications. These indicators are deal for use in damp environments. The stainless steel housing is sealed for IP66 wash down environments and the quality contstruction is built tough to handle even the most demanding tasks.

Our Price: US$260.00
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Scale market and balances Large warehouse inventory of load cells: From laboratory balances up to truck and hopper electronic digital scales.
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