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adam cpwplus w weighing scales (75lb/35kg to 440lb/200kg)
The CPWplus series of scales offers an extensive range of models and configurations to accommodate a variety of applications.

Our Price: US$425.00
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adam du software for balances

Monitor and collect data readings for up to 8 balances or scales simultaneously. Record custom data or notations along with readings using up to 6 user-defined fields. Collect date and time with readings

Our Price: US$75.00
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adam dune compact balances (200g, 2000g, 5000g)
The Dune series offers all of the necessary features for quick and easy weighing. Every Dune is equipped with an AC adapter, auto calibration through the keypad, low battery indicator, and overload indicator. With its alternate battery operation, splash-proof keypad, and sturdy plastic construction throughout, the Dune delivers accurate readings in the lab or in the field.

Our Price: US$75.00
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adam eclipse presicion balance EBL (100g - 32000g)

Designed for advanced scientists and researchers, the Eclipse occupies minimal space on the laboratory work bench, yet maintains optimal performance. Its elegant capacitive touch keypad provides highly efficient operation and an increased lifespan of the balance. When a key is pressed, the pad responds immediately, even if the technician is wearing protective gloves. The smooth surface allows fingerprints and spills to be wiped off easily.

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