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cardinal 210 digital weight indicators

These powerful instruments offer dual serial ports, seven different weight unit modes and can power up to 8 - 350 Ohm load cells.

Our Price: US$819.00
Market price: US$941.85 save 13%
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cardinal 210fe digital weight indicators

The same great features as the 210, but with a 15-inch-wide by 9.7-inch-high stainless steel enclosure with 2.24-inch-high LED digits and larger key sizes for use with gloves on.

Our Price: US$1749.00
Market price: US$2011.35 save 13%
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cardinal 212, 212x storm weight indicator
Cardinal’s AG Load Cell paired with the Cardinal 212 Series Indicator is an ideal combination for use in both mobile and fixed weighing applications on the farm.

Our Price: US$735.00
Market price: US$758.00 save 3%
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cardinal 212g, 212gx storm legal for trade indicator
The rugged polycarbonate enclosure makes Cardinal’s 212G series weight indicators perfect for a wide range of weighing applications, whether it’s a simple bench scale, a heavy-duty floor scale, or even a tank/hopper load cell application. The indicators feature adjustable filtering, Gross/Tare/Net conversion, hi-resolution mode, numeric keypad, and dual serial ports.

Our Price: US$803.00
Market price: US$923.45 save 13%
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Scale market and balances Large warehouse inventory of load cells: From laboratory balances up to truck and hopper electronic digital scales.
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