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cardinal 4500 series mechanical bench scale (130 to 350 lb)

These platform bench scales are ideal for smaller commercial and industrial users who demand top performance for their dollar. Perfect for inventory purposes, weighing bulk commodities or shipping and receiving departments. It weighs every 1/4 lb accurately up to a full 350 lb without any loose weights.

Our Price: US$607.00
Market price: US$626.00 save 3%
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cardinal 5852f portable floor scale (500 to 1000 lb)
The Model 854F is designed to provide years of accurate, service-free performance in tough environments. The 854F is easy-to-read, simple-to-operate and easy to roll wherever you want it, whenever you need it. Counterpoise weights are supplied to the capacity of the scale. The dual reading Model 854F is supplied with both pound and kilogram weights.

Our Price: US$1782.00
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Cardinal 760PA/PA Truck Scale Portable Axle Scales (30 ton)

Completely portable 760PS/PA axle scale is a 7 x 2.5-foot (without ramps) two-module axle load scale that gives you the performance you need… where you need it and when you need it. At only 400 lbs per (aluminum) platform, this relatively lightweight scale handles like a heavyweight with a 60,000 lb capacity. Each scale comes complete with four steel or aluminum access ramps, checkered deck, stainless steel junction box, and environmentally-protected USA-made stainless steel load cells (4 SB20000S load cells per platform).

Our Price: US$9985.00
Market price: US$11482.75 save 13%
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cardinal 777 programmable weight indicators

Alphanumeric keypad, four line backlit LCD, custom ticket and label printing, powers up to 14 load cells per scale card, modular design, easy-open enclosure allowing the back panel to be removed with a Phillips-head screwdriver, 8 slots for scale input.

Our Price: US$1295.00
Market price: US$1439.00 save 10%
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Scale market and balances Large warehouse inventory of load cells: From laboratory balances up to truck and hopper electronic digital scales.
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