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detecto t100 - t200 large toploading dial scales

The T100 and T200 are extra-large, high-capacity top loading dial scales well-suited for shipping and receiving departments. Built to take constant use, these models feature temperature compensation which assures accurate readings in fluctuating temperatures. With your choice of chrome-plated steel platforms in 11.5" (292mm) and 15" (381mm) square sizes, these large capacity top loaders are ready for weighing large items.

Our Price: US$324.00
Market price: US$350.00 save 7%
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detecto t3530 fish and vegetable pan scale (32 lb)

Detecto's T3530 hanging scale comes with a deep 15" (38cm) round stainless steel pan and bows, making it the perfect scale for fish, vegetable or product markets. Long term accuracy is guaranteed by Detecto's use of Thermolastic springs which are not affected by extreme temperature variations.

Our Price: US$1063.00
Market price: US$1096.00 save 3%
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detecto t50kp multi-purpose toploading dial scale

Detecto's high-capacity T50KP Top Loading Dial features a dual-reading, extra-large dial which show simulataneous readings of pounds and kilograms. An easy-to-clean enamel finish, sturdy construction, stability, convenient viewing angle, and easy readability make these attractive top loaders an ideal choice for your weighing needs. The 13" (330mm) stainless steel platform is roomy enough for large packages in a shipping and receiving department.

Our Price: US$307.00
Market price: US$316.00 save 3%
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detecto tb series multi-purpose toploading dial scales

Detecto's TB series features a stainless steel commodity bowl, measuring 4" high x 11.5" in diameter at the top of the rim (102mm H x 292mm), which sits cradled snugly in the 9" (229mm) square stainless steel platform. The special platform allows the easy removal and/or replacement of the bowl. For easy and thorough cleaning of the bowl, there are now rivet or bolt heads that collect dirt.

Our Price: US$185.00
Market price: US$191.00 save 3%
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