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hanging-scale-sentronik-dr (60 to 600kg)
  • Display LCD with backlight  
  • Key kg/lb  
  • "Hold" button to the weight.  
  • Remote control

Our Price: US$389.00
Market price: US$459.00 save 15%
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hanging-scales-sentronik-cr (20 to 200 lb/kg)

New Sentronik hanging CR Scale Capacities 40 lb / 80 lb / 200 lb / 400 x .1lb 

New Sentronik hanging CR Scale: The Sentronik portable scales are heavy duty hanging weighing balances perfect for industrial weighing applications. Hanging crane Scales are vertical weighing devices that you can easily take with you anywhere, Includes shackle with locking latch and an S-hook for attaching loads. The scale is available in several weight capacities to suit your application needs. The hanging scale offers rugged die-cast metal construction for medium duty weighing requirements.

Included upper and lower stainless steel hooks.

Our Price: US$220.00
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hbm a35 single-ended beam, alloy steel (500 to 5000lb)
Full Scale Output: 3.0 mv/v, Bridge Resistance: 350 ohms, nominal, Material/Finish: Alloy steel,
Temperature: Compensated range 14°F to 104°F/-10°C to 40°C

Our Price: US$261.00
Market price: US$275.00 save 5%
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hbm b35 single ended beam stainless steel ntep 1:5000 (250lb to 10klb)

Floor scales, Tanks, Hoppers


• Capacity range 250lb - 10000lb.
• Low profile
• Extremely rugged
• High adverse load capability
• Environmentally protected
• Stainless steel construction
• Protection class IP67
• FM Certified

Our Price: US$280.00
Market price: US$295.00 save 5%
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Scale market and balances Large warehouse inventory of load cells: From laboratory balances up to truck and hopper electronic digital scales.
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