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hbm sc232/422b interface converter set
The new SC232/422B Interface converter set enables multi-channel bus systems to be set up easily via the RS232 standard interface integrated in standard PCs. A 4-wire RS422/485 bus system can be built up. This converter differs from standard converters especially in terms of its robust design in a metal housing, its excellent EMC and the electrically isolated signals. The set is supplied complete with a standard PC connecting cable (9-pin) and a plug-in power supply. An LED signals readiness for operation. For setting up multi-channel bus systems, we recommend to use HBM’s AED…, WE2110 and WE2108-485 Weighing electronics and the digital load cells provided by HBM which include an RS485 4-wire interface.

Our Price: US$368.00
Market price: US$387.00 save 5%
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hbm slb700 strain transducer for measuring high forces

Key Feature(s)

* For monitoring strain in statically and dynamically loaded units such as cranes, presses and roll stands
* Simply bolted into place
* Stainless steel
* Protected from harmful environmental effects
* Inexpensive
* Strain gauge full bridge

Our Price: US$1272.00
Market price: US$1339.00 save 5%
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hbm sp10 single point aluminum, ip65 (90kg)
The SP10 is a popular aluminum single point design that has been used in bench, platform, postal, and price-computing scales for years. Design advantages include low sensitivity to side loading and built-in overload stops to protect this component from accidental operator abuse.

Our Price: US$147.00
Market price: US$155.00 save 5%
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hbm sp4 single point aluminum (1k to 200kg)

Retail scales, Small platforms, Checkweighers


· Aluminium construction, also available in stainless steel
· Environmentally sealed
· Moment compensated
· 2 mV/V output, 350 ohm bridge


Our Price: US$171.00
Market price: US$180.00 save 5%
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Scale market and balances Large warehouse inventory of load cells: From laboratory balances up to truck and hopper electronic digital scales.
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