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kilotech kt-sp series mechanical bench beam scale (50 kg to 1000kg)
Legal for trade mechanical bench scale with Kilotech's built-in quality standards. Perfect for use where electronic devices may pose a "spark" threat, such as propane filling, or in shipping & receiving operations. Dual metric/avoirdupois counterweights are colour coded for easy visual identification. Hard wearing finish, tough cast iron construction and rust resistant brass beam will ensure years of trouble free maintenance. Visual accuracy is assured with metric reading on one side of the beam and avoirdupois on the other.

Our Price: US$503.00
Market price: US$530.00 save 5%
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Kilotech KTG Series Tough Guy Platform Scales (150 to 500 kg)

The Tough Guy series is designed to be durable, accurate, fast and versatile. This series is your top choice for Industrial applications such as shipping/receiving, QC areas, warehouses, institutional and factory. Loaded with time-saving features such as automatic zero tracking, overload alarm, low battery, “QUICK” weighing mode, pre-set tare, auto and manual on-off, percentage, kg/lb mode, counting and an accumulation function to ensure maximum ease of use.

Our Price: US$494.00
Market price: US$520.00 save 5%
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kilotech kw-2610 beam scale (2610g)

A precision sliding mechanical beam scale when accuracy is a must. An economical alternative to electronic high precision scales, with a variety of uses in educational, laboratory, darkroom, QC control and jewelry applications. Large platform allows for a variety weighing applications. Includes attachment weights which gives greater flexibility in total weighing capacity. Speed and accuracy are assured.

Our Price: US$133.00
Market price: US$140.00 save 5%
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Kilotech KWD-1000 Electronic Platform Scale (120 to 600lb)

Kilotech’s KWD 1000 series is an all-purpose electronic platform scale with a removable stainless steel platform for easy cleaning. Its water-resistant and dust resistant indicator and platform are compliant to IP65 requirements and make this scale excellent for the fishing industry as well as any other industry where high humidity and dust is a consideration. The power source is a rechargeable battery that gives this scale great flexibility.

Our Price: US$1035.00
Market price: US$1090.00 save 5%
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