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load-cells-s-type-sentronik-7110-s1-system (5lb - 20000lb)

System Include:

  • One mild steel load cell
  • Prewire and pre-calibrated for one low price (opcional)
  • Choose eyebolts, rod end or eye nuts

Our Price: US$147.00
Market price: US$280.00 save 48%
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load-cells-self-restoring-rocker-pin-module-sentronik-bty-ma(10t to 60t)

Changing the BTY-M's loading method, to adapt to different user. For the related information please consult the other sensors manual.

Our Price: US$378.00
Market price: US$1436.00 save 74%
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load-sensor-self-restoring-rocker-pin-module-sentronik-bty-m(10t to 60t)

Installed by all-in-one method, the module can be changed with high precision and reliability. Easy installation and changing. Can be use to all kinds of weighing apparatus. It's the best replace to the QS bridge type sensor

Our Price: US$410.00
Market price: US$1540.00 save 73%
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Scale market and balances Large warehouse inventory of load cells: From laboratory balances up to truck and hopper electronic digital scales.
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