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tor-rey lsq series price computing and labeling scales (40lb)

40 lb capacity, 300 programmable memories, Control of up to 50 salespersons, Prints different types of reports and listings, 40 lb x 0.01 lb, 5 printing formats, Displays advertising messages continuously, Easily interchangeable cartridges

Our Price: US$1099.00
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tor-rey pc series price computing scale (40lb - 80lb)

The PC Series Price Computing scale is a great tool for the sale of commodities in a variety of stores (including supermarkets, delis, grocery stores, carnecerias, convenience stores and more). Portable and sturdy, Tor-Rey scale features an AC adapter and built-in rechargeable battery with an auto power-off function to save power.

Our Price: US$319.00
Market price: US$369.00 save 14%
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tor-rey plp series platforms scale (5000lb, 10000lb)

The PLP Series features platform/floor scales with quick connects and factory calibration allowing easy setup and “out of the box” functionality.  Ideal for factories, warehouses, printing houses, workshops, foundries and more! The PLP Series floor scales offer solid construction with a steel channel-frame design providing strength and protection to the load cell, cable and junction box.  Our scales feature 5,000 division load cells and 4 adjustable legs to give more stability with every weighing application.  The PLP Series is available in several capacities and includes the WI Indicator.

Our Price: US$1090.00
Market price: US$1211.00 save 10%
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tor-rey ps-5 series portioning scale (10lb)

White Painted Enamel Portioning Scale

PS-5 AI Stainless steel cabinet & platter

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