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rice lake load cell hardware

Rice Lake Load Cell Hardware


rice lake flintec adjustable rubber foot
  • Designed for platform scales containing Flintec SLB load cell
  • Blind hole introduction
  • Low profile
  • Height adjustable by rotation
  • Including spacer

Our Price: US$56.00
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rice lake stainless steel captured ball floor scale leveling feet
  • Provides outstanding accuracy, repeatability and performance
  • Active ball suspension provides optimum load cell performance

Our Price: US$58.00
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rice lake scale veils
  • Tough, flexible transparent vinyl, constructed with heavy-duty stitching
  • Loose fit allows for operation of switches or controls through the scale veil
  • Available for most types of scale equipment

Protect your electronic scales, weight indicators and printers with a scale veil. Reduce costly repairs and down time due to moisture penetrating through instrument enclosures during cleanup or operation.

Our Price: US$60.00
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rice lake el215 cable splicing kit
  • Designed for use in weather-exposed or direct-burial locations
  • Each kit contains plastic splicing tube, circuit board, insulating resin and instructions

Our Price: US$65.00
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