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rice lake power conditioning

Protect your equipment with high quality Uninterruptible Power Supplies and transient protection from Rice Lake. Stray voltage can wreak havoc with electronic equipment. Make sure you're covered.


rice lake ujb3t6 dc transient protection
* Factory serviceable
* Full 6-wire with shield protection
* #6 SEMS screw type; accepts spade lugs, tinned leads or bare wires up to #12 AWG
* Up to 8 parallel or summed load cells
* 50 Kbaud maximum transmission frequency
* Up to 6 serial data lines can be protected instead of load cells

Our Price: US$315.00
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rice lake sola uninterruptible power system
* Offline with Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) topology
* Protects against most adverse power conditions, including: frequency variations, surge, noise, blackouts, lightning, spike, brownouts, and over and under voltages
* Data-line surge protection for phone or network included on every unit
* Greater uptime with intelligent power management, full-sequence battery testing, and two-level overload protection

Our Price: US$325.00
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rice lake sola mcr series mini/microcomputer ac power regulators
* UL listed, CSA certified
* Automatic overload protection
* Convenient lighted on/off switches
* Available in 70, 150 and 250 VA outputs
* Offered in standard 120 volt, 60 Hz models
* Two duplex receptacles to allow several pieces of equipment to economically share the same source of regulated power

Our Price: US$510.00
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rice lake tripp-lite pv series power inverters
* 3 conductor outlet
* Convenient on/off switch
* 20 Amp circuit breaker
* 115 VAC 60 Hz square wave output
* Available in 200 and 500 watt ratings
* Transistorized and solid state for long life and quiet operation
* Packaged in a compact, rugged aluminum case

Our Price: US$695.00
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