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rice lake power conditioning

Protect your equipment with high quality Uninterruptible Power Supplies and transient protection from Rice Lake. Stray voltage can wreak havoc with electronic equipment. Make sure you're covered.


rice lake tripp-lite dnet1 network surge suppressor
* RJ45 input and output connections
* 5" Ethernet patch cable enables ideal protection placed as close as possible to the point of use
* 6" heavy gauge lead connects to designated grounding lugs on protected equipment
* Surge suppression utilizing high speed avalanche diodes divert excess energies on the network to ground

Our Price: US$35.00
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rice lake isoblok ac transient protection
* 2 outlets, direct plug-in
* LED indicator for power on
* LED indicator for protection circuitry
* UL1449 listed at 330 volts
* Mounting clamp assures positive connection

Our Price: US$51.00
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rice lake isobar ac transient protection
* 4 outlets
* 6-foot cord with grounded 3-prong plug
* Lighted on/off switch
* Circuit breaker protected
* Multiple filter design prevents the different components of your system from interfering with each other
* UL1449 listed at 330 volts
* Exclusive isolated filter banks prevent equipment interaction
* ISOBAR's cascade circuitry allows you to choose more protection for your most sensitive equipment, and a lesser degree of protection for equipment that's more tolerant

Our Price: US$81.00
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rice lake tp-232 high energy serial surge protector
* Two metal mounting brackets
* Three stages of protection: gas discharge tube, series resistor, and Transient Voltage Suppressor (TVS)
* Two terminal posts for ground
* RS-232 high energy surge protector
* Terminal blocks for transmit, receive, request to send, clear to send, and signal ground
* Computers

Our Price: US$155.00
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