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S beam are ideal according to the object that you want to measure and the capacity of your team of weighing in general, so that it is of the utmost importance that you undergo a load cell S beam that go according to your needs. Load Cells S beam, are those that have output either of tension or compression, its name is due to the fact that take the form of an "S". In ScaleMarket we count with variety of S beam , in terms of load capacity, materials of development , variety of protection among other qualities.

In general terms the S beam have a very particular characteristic, which is the rejection of the output side, since it is higher. In our stock find S beam designed and manufactured with stainless steel, since this robust metal is timely in the implementation of parts that are subjected to extreme temperatures, or to environments highly corrosive, so that its presence in these designs contributes to an optimal development environment, long periods of operation, resistance and low vulnerability. Thus, we also count with lighter materials for the development of our S beam, as is the aluminum, as there are applications where it should not be heavy metals for optimal operations.

ScaleMarket.com account with a catalog full of S beam that guarantee the secrecy of each piece, because the life of these tools of weighing this right in the interior of each part, so that the guard of each configuration circuital is elementary, and count with IP protection is essential; as well as a large amount of certifications to ensure the high quality of each S beam.


sensortronics-60050-s-beam-stainless-steel-ip67 (250 to 20,000lb)

Single- or multiple-cell applications. Integral 20'/6.1 m cable and full environmental protection with stainless steel side plates. Stainless steel construction for added corrosion protection. Capacities from 250 to 20,000 lb (113.4 to 9071.9 kg). Capacities of 5000 lb (2268.0 kg) or more have standardized output for multiple-cell installations.

Our Price: US$308.00
Market price: US$325.00 save 5%
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amcell stlx load cell "s" type (250lb to 40k)

Tool Steel, Meets OIML and HB44 III Standards

Our Price: US$360.00
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rt bps "s" type stainless steel (100lb - 10k)
The BSP is a stainless steel S-type load cell that can be used in either tension or compression.
This product is suitable for a wide range of hybrid scales, overhead track scales, belt scales and process weighing applications.
The fully welded construction and water block cable entry ensure that this product can be used successfully in the harsh environments found in the food, chemical and allied process industries.
This product fully meets the stringent European Weights and Measures requirements through Europe.

Our Price: US$540.00
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sensortronics-60063-s-type-stainless-steel (500lb to 20k)


  • For hostile environments
  • Food and beverage processing
  • Chemical and plastics processing
  • Pharmaceutical and biomedical
  • Bin, hopper and belt conveyor scales
  • Level and inventory monitoring
  • Tension and compression measurements

Our Price: US$783.00
Market price: US$825.00 save 5%
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