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salter brecknell dcsb floor scale system with sbi-521 led

salter brecknell dcsb floor scale system with sbi-521 led

he Salter Brecknell DCSB heavy duty floor scale ships from Fairmont, Minnesota and uses four alloy tool steel potted load cells, ABS Junction Box with summing board, powder coat paint and is NTEP approved legal for trade at 5,000 divisions. The system comes complete factory calibrated with a SBI-521 indicator for a complete package and is the top of the line when it comes to plug 'n play industrial floor scales for sale. At one time this deck was made in America but it has since been imported and is manufactured to Brecknell specifications in China. This is a great floor scale for warehouses since it is rugged and reliable. As for shipping, in most cases we ship these Salter Brecknell floor scales direct from Brecknell in Fairmont, MN.


SBI-521 LED Indicator

Display: 17 mm / 0.7" LED display

Construction: Heavy duty stainless steel IP65

Power: 6 volt 4 AH rechargeable internal lead acid battery with 110/220 AC internal transformer

Excitation Voltage: ±5 VDC, 8 x 350 ohm load cells

Serial Port 1: Full-duplex RS-232

Serial Port 2: Full-duplex RS-232 or half-duplex RS-485

Digital Calibration: Front panel calibration and confi guration

Keyboard: Hold/Setup, Print/Func, N/G/Total, Unit/ Data, Tare/Preset, Zero/On/Off

Functions: Motion, Zero, Net, Gross, Tare, Total, lb, kg, %, pcs, oz, Peak/Hold, HI, OK, LO, AC/CHG

Units: kg, lb, lb:oz, PCS, %

Stand: Stainless steel swivel stand included

Display: Up to 50,000 graduations

Certifications: NTEP at 5,000d, Class III, CC #11-119

Floor Scale Specifications

Floor Scale: Mild steel

J-Box: Stainless steel

Finish: Powder coat paint

Rated: IP65

Certifications: NTEP COC #02-070

Average rating: 4.4, based on 89 reviews
Market price: US$2090.00
Our Price: US$1425.00
Product Description Price
SAL DCSB 5000lb 1219 x 1219 mm, 2500 x 0.5 kg US$1425.00
SAL DCSB 5000lb 1524 x 1524 mm, 2500 x 0.5 kg US$1425.00
SAL DCSB 10.000lb 1219 x 1219 mm, 5000 x 1 kg US$1425.00
SAL DCSB 10.000lb 1524 x 1524 mm, 5000 x 1 kg US$1425.00
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