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salter brecknell wb-521 weigh beams

salter brecknell wb-521 weigh beams
The Salter Brecknell WB-521 Heavy Duty Weigh Beams are simple to set-up and feature an easy-to-use design. Equipped with IP65 rated waterproof stainless steel enclosed indicator and stainless steel mounting bracket. Features include - - Easy-to-read LCD display - Tough mild steel weigh beams for heavy industrial use - Adjustable distance between beams according to the size of the load - Four broad adjustable rubber feet for maximum 
stability - Each beam is only 16.5 kg /36 lb light enough to be carried by one person - Programmable hold, print, accumulation and check weighing functions - Geography auto-compensation for local gravity effects to avoid initial calibration with test weights - Advanced weigh fine-tune feature to make simple calibration convenient - Adjustable filter settings to reduce environmental vibration noise for rapid setting and quick measurements.
Capacity: 2500 kg x 0.2 kg / 5000 lb x 0.5 lb
5000 kg x 0.5 kg / 10,000 lb x 1 lb
Construction: Mild steel beam with stainless steel
housing indicator
Load Cell: Four 350 ohm load cells with an output of
Unit of Measure: kg, lb, lb:oz, PCS, %
Display: 7 digits, 7 segment 25 mm (1″) LCD
Real Clock: Built-in nonvolatile real time & date
Function Keys: N/G, Hold, Print, Unit, Tare,
Zero Range: Selectable up to full capacity
Tare Range: 100% subtractive
Static Overload Capacity: 200%
Calibration: Front panel access with Geography auto
compensation features
Serial Port: Full-duplex RS-232 interface, half-duplex
Power: Internal PSU and 6V 4Ah rechargeable battery
Approximate Battery Life: 48 hr
Operating Temperature:
-10° C to 40° C / 14° F to 104° F
Beam Dimension:
1200 mm (L) X 100 mm (W) x 60 mm (H)
47.24″ L x 3.94″ W x 2.36″ H
Beam to Beam Cable Length: 4 m / 13ʹ
Indicator to Beam Cable Length: 4 m / 13ʹ
Indicator Dimension:
262 mm (L) x 215 mm (W) x 94 mm (H)
10.3″ L x 8.5″ W x 3.7” H
Packing Dimension:
1335 mm (L) x 535 mm (W) x 250 mm (H)
53″ L x 21″ W x 10″ H
Shipping Weight: 39.5 kg / 87 lb
Average rating: 4.4, based on 89 reviews
Market price: US$1225.00
Our Price: US$1054.00
Product Description Price
SAL WB-521 5000lb 2500kg x 0.2kg / 5000lb x0.5lb US$1054.00
SAL WB-521 10.000lb 5000kg x 0.5kg / 10,000lb x1lb US$1054.00
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