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Salter Brecknell WB-5000 Load Bars for Animal Scale (2500kg / 5000lb)

Salter Brecknell WB-5000 Load Bars for Animal Scale (2500kg / 5000lb)
Light Weight and Portable– Easily positioned to weigh a large variety of items. Convenient to store when not in use. Each Weigh Beam is fitted with a carry handle to provide fast setup and break down for total portability. Battery or A/C Operation– Complete portability is guaranteed with the 200SL battery. Low Profile– Less than 3" high. Supplied in pairs. Total capacity of one pair of Weighbeams is 5000 pounds. Special Filtering for Animal Weighing– Extra filtering control for scale operator allows consistent and accurate weights for livestock. Push-button Tare– Simple one button Tare provides for the acquiring of the tare and subsequent display of Gross/Net weight values. Full Duplex RS-232 Port– The Full Duplex RS232 output provides on demand output to a printer, computer, or other compatible devices.
Quick Set-up– This highly portable and unique scale system is designed with simplicity in mind. In just a few minutes the entire scale is setup and ready to weigh.
Two Weigh Beams– The system includes two 2500 lb capacity Weigh Beams with built in carry handles. Each Weigh Beam has 20' of load cell cable with quick connectors.
Great Combination– This scale system is made complete with an NTEP approved, 200SL battery/AC powered digital indicator enclosed in a NEMA 4X stainless steel case.
Common Applications– Fully portable scale system is ideal under livestock pens, under conveyors, tanks, and hoppers. It is also suitable for long lengths of pipe or other difficult to handle materials.
Total System Capacity– 5000 lb with a standard capacity of 2500 lb per Weigh Beam module.
  • Capacity– 2500 lb per module - 5000 lb/pair
  • Construction– 40" L x 4" W x 3.5" H - carbon steel, with high grade epoxy paint fi nish
  • Weight Sensors– Two load cells per Weigh Beam (Each load cell 350 ohm)
  • Load Feet– 2 per bar 3" high
  • Load Cell Output– 3mV/V
  • Overload Protection– 200%
  • End Loading– 100%
  • Loadcell Cable– 20 feet of cable from each module

Salter-Brecknell-WB-5000 scales data sheet Salter Brecknell WB-5000 Bar Scales Data Sheet.pdf

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