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sartorius electrochemical analysis

Sartorius offers a broad spectrum of meters and electrodes and other sensors ranging from compact, portable pH meters to multiple-mode meters that meet the highest requirements in pH, redox (ORP), ionic concentration and conductivity measurements.


sartorius docu-ph+ meter (ph meter/ mv meter)
The highest standards for reliability of results are imposed on laboratory work. Particularly in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, 100% traceable documentation of results as required by GLP and ISO 17025 is indispensable.

Our Price: US$633.00
Market price: US$660.00 save 4%
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sartorius electrodes
High Performance Electrodes for general purposes for work with pH Meter Series.

Our Price: US$260.00
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sartorius pb series benchtop meter (0.00 to 14.00)
The PB Basic Meter has all the characteristics that today's basic laboratory pH meter is required to meet, such as: Automatic buffer recognition during calibration, Automatic temperature compensation, Display with stability icon next to the result, Simultaneous display of measured value and temperature, Automatic electrode check and electrode slope display during calibration, Easy operation with understandable symbols that practically eliminate handling errors.

Our Price: US$859.00
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sartorius pp series research meter (–2.000 to 20.000)
Work professionally and perform error-free lab experiments for pH and ORP / redox potential measurements. Easy-to-operate with menu-driven functions and plain-language prompts. The ultimate in measuring accuracy. reliability and repeatability of measured results. All devices of this series feature automatic buffer recognition, automatic temperature compensation, automatic electrode function check, calibration reminder. Data memory for up to 620 data records. Bidirectional interface (RS232)

Our Price: US$2184.00
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