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sartorius fb series industrial scales (1.3 to 75lb)

sartorius fb series industrial scales (1.3 to 75lb)
Industrial scales with monolithic weighing system for use in ISO-certified production. equipped with programs for counting, weighing in percent, checkweighing, net-total formulation and mass unit conversion by toggling. for accurate weighing within an application program. Binary interface for controlling external devices, e.g. low rate controller, is a standard feature.
  • Built-in isoTEST function; this means at the touch of the unique isoTEST key, the scale calibrates and adjusts itself automatically using a built-in calibration weight.
  • Rugged construction, overload protection
  • Total ease of operation thanks to the easy-to-understand operator guidance features
  • Practical application programs
  • Display prompts in plain English
  • High-contrast display that continuously shows the maximum weighing capacity and the resolution
  • Fast weighing results
  • Bidirectional RS-232 standard interface, RS485 as option
  • Ingress Protection Rate: IP54 (for models up to 12kg) or IP65 (for models 16kg .. 64kg)


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Our Price: US$3715.00
Product Description Price
SAR FB06BBE-S 0.62kg x 0.001g / 1.3 lbs x 0. 3715.00
SAR FB2CCE-S 2.2kg x 0.01g / 4.8 lbs x 0.00 3249.00
SAR FB6CCE-H 6.2kg x 0.01g / 13.6 lbs x 0.0 3875.00
SAR FB6CCE-S 6.2kg x 0.1g / 13.6 lbs x 0.00 2082.00
SAR FB12CCE-S 12kg x 0.1g / 26 lbs x 0.0002l 3613.00
SAR FBG16EDE-H 16kg x 0.1g / 35 lbs x 0.0002l 4243.00
SAR FBG34EDE-P 18/36/75lb x 0.0002lb / 0.0005 4480.00
SAR FBG34EDE-H 34kg x 0.1g / 75lb x 0.0002lb 4345.00
SAR FBG64EDE-S 64kg x 1g / 141lb x 0.002lb 4753.00
SAR FBG64EDE-H 64kg x 0.1g / 141lb x 0.0002lb 5398.00