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sartorius ultra micro / microbalance

Sartorius microbalance is laboratory balances designed to weigh the smallest sample quantities and meet the highest requirements. These weighing balances are also suitable for weighing samples even in heavy containers. Special microbalance versions are available for filter weighing.


sartorius cpa microbalances (5 to 10 mg)

The CPA Microbalances with stainless steel work areas and high-quality metal surfaces make it easy to keep the microbalance clean. The CPA2P-F variant is specially designed for weighing filters with diameters of up to 120 mm.

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sartorius me/se series microbalances / ultramicro balances (5.1g to 0.5/1/2g)

Sartorius premium microbalances meet the highest requirements when it's a matter of obtaining fast and exceptionally accurate results. These microbalances offer maximum support when used as inspection, measuring and test equipment within a quality system.

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