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Sartorius is a company that produces ones of the most quality products for weighing and measurement. Its catalog contents pharmaceutical solutions, analytical and precision laboratory balances, industrial counting, floor and bench scales and also has a jewelry line products. Sartorius is recognized by the accuracy of their Moisture Analizers, Viscometers and its diverse line of products for chemistry and research industries.


sartorius pp series research meter (–2.000 to 20.000)
Work professionally and perform error-free lab experiments for pH and ORP / redox potential measurements. Easy-to-operate with menu-driven functions and plain-language prompts. The ultimate in measuring accuracy. reliability and repeatability of measured results. All devices of this series feature automatic buffer recognition, automatic temperature compensation, automatic electrode function check, calibration reminder. Data memory for up to 620 data records. Bidirectional interface (RS232)

Our Price: US$2184.00
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sartorius pt series portable meter (0.00 to 14.00)

The Portable Meter is easy to operate anywhere in the field where you need accurate measurements on the spot. It offers: Automatic buffer recognition during calibration, Automatic temperature compensation, Display with stability icon, Simultaneous display of measured value and temperature, Automatic electrode check and electrode slope display during calibration, Waterproof, Weighs only 270 g.

Our Price: US$432.00
Market price: US$450.00 save 4%
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sartorius py conductivity cells
We offers a wide variety of conductivity cells to satisfy your process needs, from sensitive ultra-pure water applications to highly conductive industrial processes. Our cells are constructed of rugged materials, guaranteeing longer cell life.

Our Price: US$140.00
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sartorius qc (5kg / 11lb)
The QC5 comes standard with a post mount. Load plate in stainless steel. SPEED UP technology for fast weighing results

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