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Sartorius is a company that produces ones of the most quality products for weighing and measurement. Its catalog contents pharmaceutical solutions, analytical and precision laboratory balances, industrial counting, floor and bench scales and also has a jewelry line products. Sartorius is recognized by the accuracy of their Moisture Analizers, Viscometers and its diverse line of products for chemistry and research industries.


sartorius indicator combics ii, washdown
You have a choice of protected stainless steel housing: either IP44 in the standard version or IP65 in the optional version (both with a D-SUB female connector) or IP67 with a cable gland. In any case, the front plate that gets handled the most is made of high-grade, durable stainless steel. Each indicator has an integrated power supply. Our Speed-up Technology ensures superfast, stable weight readouts.

Our Price: US$936.00
Market price: US$965.00 save 3%
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sartorius indicator combics iii, washdown
The Sartorius Combics 3 also has all the functions of the Sartorius Combics 1 and 2 indicators. But we designed this indicator version to give advanced users a broad basis for customizing the settings to meet their special requests and requirements. Combics 3 features alphanumeric keys and an ABC multifunction key, just like the ones you're used to on your mobile or cell phone.

Our Price: US$1358.00
Market price: US$1400.00 save 3%
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sartorius indicator midrics i, stainless steel

"Power on, weigh; job finished." An industrial scale has to be that simple to operate, and at the same time totally reliable and easy to clean. A lot of manufactures can offer one feature or another, but the new Midrics has it all.

Our Price: US$542.00
Market price: US$565.00 save 4%
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sartorius indicator midrics® ii, stainless steel
Easy to operate - Have you seen the indicators that require a course of studies just to operate them? They offer countless gimmicks that have no practical benefits and provide more distraction than real help. We could have added features like that to the Midrics®, but we build indicators for people who want to get their work done as quickly and reliably as possible. We left out the bells and whistles, and concentrated on giving you what you need for your daily tasks - which left us free to provide it all in the best possible quality. See for yourself.

Our Price: US$590.00
Market price: US$615.00 save 4%
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