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Sartorius is a company that produces ones of the most quality products for weighing and measurement. Its catalog contents pharmaceutical solutions, analytical and precision laboratory balances, industrial counting, floor and bench scales and also has a jewelry line products. Sartorius is recognized by the accuracy of their Moisture Analizers, Viscometers and its diverse line of products for chemistry and research industries.


sartorius midrics industrial scales (3 to 300kg)

The conditions under which an scale for the industry has to perform are not at all suited to delicate instruments. Impact, vibration, dust, dirt, water, aggressive cleaning agents and inadvertent overloading are the norm. The Midrics takes it all in stride.

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Market price: US$1000.00 save 4%
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sartorius miras multi-functional bench & floor scales (6 to 300 kg)
The Miras is a new generation bench and platform scale. We have implemented an array of features to meet the majority of user requirements in the industry sectors.

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sartorius pb series benchtop meter (0.00 to 14.00)
The PB Basic Meter has all the characteristics that today's basic laboratory pH meter is required to meet, such as: Automatic buffer recognition during calibration, Automatic temperature compensation, Display with stability icon next to the result, Simultaneous display of measured value and temperature, Automatic electrode check and electrode slope display during calibration, Easy operation with understandable symbols that practically eliminate handling errors.

Our Price: US$859.00
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sartorius pma series explosion proof scales (620g to 12000g)
The PMA 7500 is the ideal explosion proof paint mixing scale when you need to mix paints fast and accuratley. The round stainless steel pan features a wrap around design to protect the weighing instrument from spillage and other elements such as dirt and grime.

Our Price: US$3050.00
Market price: US$3145.00 save 3%
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