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Scientech is a designer and manufacturer of analytical instruments, with 40 years of experience in the field of laboratory systems. The Company produces scientific measurement devices utilizing technical expertise. Scientech was the first American balance manufacturer to utilize microprocessor technology in its line of electronic top-loading balances. This line included the first external keyboard for balances, which could select various functions such as parts counting, statistics, and weight averaging.


scientech-zsp-np-ntep-pharmacy-balance (150 to 400 g)

Scientech has now coupled NTEP (legal-for-trade) certification with our new revolutionary Zeta Series’ design in order to give you a pharmacy scale that has high precision. This unique marriage gives you the advantage of a very accurate scale, which complies with all the applicable technical requirements of Handbook 44, while possessing the ability to last decades under extreme abuse. This exclusive design is so impressive that these hardy models currently have a patent pending and carry a 5-year North American warranty or a 2-year international warranty.

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scientech-zsp-precision-balance (150 to 500 g)

A new, revolutionary weighing technology has recently been developed by Scientech. Since this progressive technology is so exceptional, a patent has been filed and is currently pending. In addition, this innovative technology is now the foundation for a new series of electronic balances which carry Scientech’s “Zeta” trademark.

Our Price: US$1195.00
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