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Seca is a world leader in medical weighing and measuring. On every continent, the doctors and nurses in medical practices, hospitals and nursing homes rely on the high quality of the measurement systems and medical Seca scales. For each medical application Seca have a product is in the range.






seca-634-platfrom-and-bariatric-scale (800lb)

The battery-operated Seca 634 digital scale has been especially developed for weighing obese patients. With a weighing range of up to 800 lbs and a 23 1/4 x 23 1/4 large, only 2 inch high non-slip platform, it is a sturdy base for overweight, or obese, patients. A chair may also be used on the scale (and will not influence the weighing result due to the pre-TARE function). The cable remote display with easy to read LCD can be held, wall mounted or placed on a table. The 0.2 lbs graduation means that even the smallest changes in weight are registered, even after the patient has left the scale  thanks to the HOLD function. And the integrated Body Mass Index (BMI) function also emphasizes the many uses of this unique multifunction scale.


Our Price: US$2349.00
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seca-644-multifunction-handrail-scale (800lb)

A seasoned universal unit : This seca is capable of much more than a standard hand- rail scale. It combines five functions : thanks to its railing and an extremely flat platform,even persons with balance problems can safely weigh themselves. Equipped with a high capacity and a stable design, this multifunctional scale enables supported weighing while standing. Thanks to its extra large platform, a chair can be added in effortlessly, so that convenient weighing while sitting seca 644 is also possible. The seca 644 is also be fitted with a measuring rod, and the standing scale is transformed into a stable measuring and weighing station. The BMI- function to assist with interpretation of the nutritional conditions, and castors enabling mobility all do their part to make the seca 644 a much used allrounder.


Our Price: US$2799.00
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seca-664-electronic-wheelchair-scale (790lb)

With its high capacity of 800 lbs, The Seca 664 makes it easy to weigh even heavy patients. Thanks to its extremely low platform and the self-lowering ramps, this scale is easy to access. The secure side rails give additional safety. The integrated pre-TARE function determines in seconds the net weight of the patient utilizing internal weight memory. The swivelling LCD display with large digits is easy to read both for the patient and for the carer. The seca 664 can be folded up in no time and can be transported anywhere thanks to its roller castors.

Our Price: US$2995.00
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seca-674-electronic-platform-scale (800lb)

A generously sized wheelchair/platform scale is multifunctional: for weighing patients in care, for especially heavy patients, or for weighing persons in a wheelchair. It is especially useful for seated patients, such as during dialysis. The flexible cable remote display can be placed wherever it is most comfortable to read off the result and to operate the controls. A wall mounting is also provided. Transport castors and handle make the Seca 674 flexible and mobile.


Our Price: US$1949.00
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