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Seca is a world leader in medical weighing and measuring. On every continent, the doctors and nurses in medical practices, hospitals and nursing homes rely on the high quality of the measurement systems and medical Seca scales. For each medical application Seca have a product is in the range.






seca-763-electronic-wheighing-and-measuring-station scale (550lb)

With the new Seca 763 medical scale, both the weight and the height of the patient can be determined digitally in one simple step. On the basis of the masured values, the patient's body mass index (BMI) is calculated automatically in accordance with the recognized criteria of the World Health Organization (WHO). This is of considerable advantage in the fields of general medicine, nephrology, endocrinology and internal medicine.

Our Price: US$1119.00
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seca-767-electronic-column-scale (450lb)

The Seca Model 767 is a heavy duty 450 pound/200Kg capacity digital electronic column scale from one of the world's leading manufacturers of personal and professional scales.

Our Price: US$1129.00
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seca-770-compact-electronic-flat-scale (440lb)

The Seca 770 heavy-duty digital floor scale was made for serious traffic. The platform's precision sensor activates the scale and the 20-second automatic shut-off, and HOLD function adds extra convenience. The seca 770 digital floor scale is battery operated with low power consumption which makes this the perfect portable scale.


Our Price: US$785.00
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seca-780-electronic-column-scale (200kg)

The choice of digital scale over the traditional beam scale has never been easier. New technology gives the seca 780, longevity without the need for changing batteries or the inconvenience of outlets. Easy to operate, stylish and priced just right, the seca 780 is a superb choice. This innovative, battery-operated model with large, easy to read LCD display has a very special secret: the extremely energy-saving tuning fork sensor technology which has been exclusively developed and patented by Seca. This technology ensures that a single battery set is sufficient for around 80,000 weighings.

Our Price: US$560.00
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