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Seca is a world leader in medical weighing and measuring. On every continent, the doctors and nurses in medical practices, hospitals and nursing homes rely on the high quality of the measurement systems and medical Seca scales. For each medical application Seca have a product is in the range.






seca-840-electronic-flat-scale (308lb)

Timeless perfection: With perfectly shaped design and easy to see LC-display the seca bella 840 combines gracefulness, convenience and precision all in one.


Our Price: US$95.00
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seca-882-electronic-flat-scale-with-remote-control (440lb)

Set your table a`la seca: Thanks to the cable remote control, you can simply place the display of this intelligent flat scale on the table; Convenience can be found in many other functions as well: e.g. with the Body- Mass- Index calculation. With the Pre- TARE function activated, you can subtract a weight already stored from the weight just measured. Thus, for example, the weight of bathrobe is not considered. With the Limit value function there is also a pressure control for handicapped persons.


Our Price: US$450.00
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