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sentronik SDO disk load cell (1 to 300 ton)

sentronik SDO disk load cell (1 to 300 ton)

Special features

  • Suitable for scales according to OIML R60 up to 1,000d
  • Low profile; suitable for tension and compression using
  • Small deflection, the compact construction is suitable for withstanding extraneous loads
  • High permissible dynamic load
  • Protection to IP67
  • Available options: - 6 wire circuit - Service temperature range up to 120℃ [248℉] - Service lightning protection

and gemini series analytical balances data sheet Sentronik SDO Disk Load Cell.pdf

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Our Price: US$598.00
Product Description Price
SEN SDO 1t 1t US$598.00
SEN SDO 2t 2t US$598.00
SEN SDO 3t 3t US$598.00
SEN SDO 5t 5t US$598.00
SEN SDO 10t 10t US$598.00
SEN SDO 20t 20t US$598.00
SEN SDO 30t 30t US$598.00
SEN SDO 50t 50t US$598.00
SEN SDO 100t 100t US$598.00
SEN SDO 150t 150t US$598.00
SEN SDO 200t 200t US$598.00
SEN SDO 300t 300t US$598.00
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