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sentronik SDO disk load cell (1 to 300 ton)

sentronik SDO disk load cell (1 to 300 ton)

Special features

  • Suitable for scales according to OIML R60 up to 1,000d
  • Low profile; suitable for tension and compression using
  • Small deflection, the compact construction is suitable for withstanding extraneous loads
  • High permissible dynamic load
  • Protection to IP67
  • Available options: - 6 wire circuit - Service temperature range up to 120℃ [248℉] - Service lightning protection

and gemini series analytical balances data sheet Sentronik SDO Disk Load Cell.pdf

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Our Price: US$598.00
Product Description Price
SEN SDO 1t 1t 598.00
SEN SDO 2t 2t 598.00
SEN SDO 3t 3t 598.00
SEN SDO 5t 5t 598.00
SEN SDO 10t 10t 908.00
SEN SDO 20t 20t 908.00
SEN SDO 30t 30t 1344.00
SEN SDO 50t 50t 1566.00
SEN SDO 100t 100t 3460.00
SEN SDO 150t 150t 4700.00
SEN SDO 200t 200t 4700.00
SEN SDO 300t 300t 7040.00
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