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sentronik ready applications

Sentronik Ready Applications, are a group of products ready for weight, a combo with Indicator, load cells and all items that you will need to get started weighing.


Sentronik SQB7140-5K Farm Weighing Kit (5K lb)

Sentronik Farm Kit for Animal Scale, fabricated in High Resistance Alloy Steel. These load cells can be used for Animal scale, Tank weighing, weigh bars, floor scales and bench scales. Update your old conventional scale with new electronics. Order our Indicators, power supplies, sensors and mounting brackets to fit your specs.


Our Price: US$479.00
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7110-s4-s-type-load-cell-system-sentronik (10lb - 20000lb)

System Include:

  • Four load cells in mild steel
  • One ABS plastic Juction box
  • Prewire and pre-calibrated for one low price (opcional)
  • Choose eyebolts, rod end or eye nuts

Our Price: US$603.00
Market price: US$1100.00 save 45%
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Sentronik 7164TM weighing module with load cell 5K 10K 20K 30K 50K 60K 100K 150K 200K lb

The Sentronik 7164TM Weighing Module is designed to utilize double ended shear beams for tank and hopper weighing. The module is avaliable in either mild steel or stainless steel. The cell is loaded through a collar assembly that "locks" the tank or hopper to the weigh module, thereby eliminating the need for check rods in most applications.

Our Price: US$910.00
Market price: US$987.00 save 8%
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