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Sentronik USA was established in Florida USA since 1998 and we are specialized in manufacturing all kind of weighing products with the highest quality material for distributors and end-users. The design and engineering team implemented many of the existing commercial load cells in the market and decided to add more capacities and materials in order to give customers more choices.


alloy steel double-ended beam sentronik 7160 (10klb - 200klb / 5t - 100t)

SENTRONIK 7160 load cell double ended alloy steel: load cells or double support SENTRONIK Double Ended 7160 are generally used for applications SCALES high capacity load cells or double girder double support offer number of advantages over other designs of weight cells.

Our Price: US$580.00
Market price: US$800.00 save 28%
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Alloy Steel Hermetically Sealed Compression Load Cell Sentronik 188 25K lb - 200K lb

Sentronik 188 Alloy Steel Hermetically Sealed Compression Load Cell is a high capacity, low profile, stainless steel compression load cell. The unique four column design offers excellent insensitivity to eccentric loads. This design is one of the most successful compression cells ever produced and is suitable for use in truck scales, rail scales and high capacity silo weighing applications. This product's stainless steel construction, welded seals and IP67 rating ensures ultimate survivability under harsh conditions.

Our Price: US$440.00
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alloy steel IP65 shear beam load cell sentronik 7144 200lb

Sentronik 7144 Alloy Steel Load Cell designed for precision force and weight measurement.

Interchangeable with

  • Rice Lake RL40BBS

Our Price: US$388.00
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alloy steel load cell double-ended beam sentronik 71611K lb - 125K lb

Sentronik 7161 Alloy Steel Double Ended Beam Load Cell, IP67 Protection. The double-ended mounting provides good restraint to possible movement of the tanks and, in many cases, eliminates the need for check rods. The Shear Beam design gives excellent performance for high capacity loading. The output is rationalized to facilitate multiple-cell application. The Sentronik 7161 is constructed of alloy tool steel and is potted to IP67 providing excellent protection against moisture and humidity.

Our Price: US$392.00
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