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Sentronik USA was established in Florida USA since 1998 and we are specialized in manufacturing all kind of weighing products with the highest quality material for distributors and end-users. The design and engineering team implemented many of the existing commercial load cells in the market and decided to add more capacities and materials in order to give customers more choices.


wireless-crane-scale-system-sentronik se 8000w

Worldwide licence exempt: 2.4GHz operating frequency
Range Min: not less than100m
Battery working life: Active not less than 70 hours (full charge and turn off bcaklight)

Our Price: US$1680.00
Market price: US$1880.00 save 11%
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The Sentronik SE 7000 series indicators use a 7-digit 7-segment LED display, they have high resolution, rapid A/D conversion and flexible selection with menus. And they have additional features, such as counting featurepeak hold feature and more units’ feature. They are convenient to use.

Our Price: US$299.00
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Weigh indicator with build-in printer Sentronik 5500
The New Sentronik 5500 with build-in DOT matrix printer offers a wide range of advanced functions. A high display resolution of 1/30000, memory +, -, ID Code and many other functions make this electronic weighing indicator  the ideal choice for Bench scalesFloor scalesCheckweighing scalesportable scales etc.

Our Price: US$398.00
Market price: US$498.00 save 20%
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weigh indicator sentronik 9000P Stainless Steel with Printer
Electronic Indicator SEN 9000P Stainless Steel sentronik to use with any analog load cells build in EPSON printer

Our Price: US$1092.00
Market price: US$1150.00 save 5%
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Scale market and balances Large warehouse inventory of load cells: From laboratory balances up to truck and hopper electronic digital scales.
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