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shear-beam-load-cell-sentronik-7140 (100lb - 20klb)

shear-beam-load-cell-sentronik-7140 (100lb - 20klb)

This is the most popular load cell for several application like warehouse platform scales or like everybody knows as floor scales. The shear beam load cell is builded in steel with a nickel plated protection. this load cells are used also in new designs like hopper scales, small tanks scales and betl conveyor scales. If you are thinking in an high quality, reliable and economic load cell, this is the exact one you will need. The shear beam load cells sentronik are build in several capacities like 100 lb, 250 lb, 500 lb, 1K lb, 2K lb, 2.5K lb, 3K lb, 5K lb small envelope load cell and 5K lb large envelope load cell, 10 K lb, 15K lb, 20 K lb and 40K lb. The units can be buy in pounds units or kilograms units.

Material Load Cell shear beam  Alloy steel

• Rated output 3mV/V±0.25%
• Accuracy class 0.03 C3
• Non-linearity 0.03% F.S
• Hysteretic 0.03%F.S(PA6140) 0.05%F.S(PA6240)
• Non-repeatability 0.02%F.S
• Creep in 30 minutes 0.03%F.S
• Temperature effect span 15 PPM /°C of Applied Load
• Temperature effect zero 26 PPM /°C of Applied Load
• Compensated temperature range —10°C ~40°C
• Operating temperature range —40°C ~65°C
• Zero balance ±1%
• Load cell Input resistance 385±15Ω
• Output resistance 350± 3Ω
• Load cell Safe overload 150%F.S
• Load cell Ultimate overload 300%F.S
• Excitation voltage 10VAC/DC
• Maximum excitation voltage 15VAC/DC
• Insulation resistance >5000MΩ(50V DC)
• Environmental protection IP67
• Sensortronics 65023
• Sensortronics 65083
• RL 35023/ RL 30000
• RL 35083
• Celtron SQB
• Celtron SQB-HSS
• Artech 30310
• Tedea 3411
• Tedea 3510
• RTI 5123
• Trancell SB555
• Amcell
• Sentronik 7140

shear beam load cell data sheet sen 7140.pdf

You can find lots of load cells 7140ss bar on our web sentronik shear beam load cells for tank management, load cells for truck scales and many more. All these bar-type load cells have features and required features needed to weigh quick and safe (with a 1 year warranty on all load cells). Are many load cells have connection data / display on the PC, shear beam load cells for Fairbanks Scales with piece counting function, scales with software ... The shear beam load cells deliver them to the door of his Casao your business and can be complemented with a certificate. We provide installation and maintenance Call us free if the supply is not the shear beam load cells and always need help you choose the shear beam load cell phone best suited to writing on our website or request our catalog totally free cell load (print) where you can see our wide variety of quietly load cell models and so can compare them are more than 5000 models....

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Our Price: US$138.00
Product Description Price
load cells SEN 7140-20Klb 20 000lb US$138.00
load cells SEN 7140-5K se-lb 5 000 se-lb US$138.00
load cells SEN 7140-100lb 100 lb US$138.00
load cells SEN 7140-250lb 250 lb US$138.00
load cells SEN 7140-500lb 500 lb US$138.00
load cells SEN 7140-1Klb 1 000 lb US$138.00
load cells SEN 7140-4Klb 4 000 lb US$138.00
load cells SEN 7140-3Klb 3 000 lb US$138.00
load cells SEN 7140-2Klb 2 000 lb US$138.00
load cells SEN 7140-2.5Klb 2 500 lb US$138.00
load cells SEN 7140-15Klb 15 000 lb US$138.00
load cells SEN 7140-5Klb 5 000 lb US$138.00
load cells SEN 7140-10Klb 10 000 lb US$138.00
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