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Shipping scale, is a tool of weighing of great utility, especially with regard to the field of online sales and the mass marketing, has become the industry of weighing a swings of great utility, where the public in general achieved easily manipulate the packets to send, remittances and objects are sent to different places and the management of which must be quickly and accurately. Shipping scale , comply with the mission to manage processes in terms of weight, in deposits warehouses, postal services and shopping centers massive.

In ScaleMarket.com we have Shipping scale highly technological, really functional, designed to fulfill the function of weighing related to activities of object storage, deposits, parcel, distribution detal of pieces and objects, business needs and the home in general.

As well as the other scales in the Shipping scale prevails the horizontality in regard to design, which makes its management is very easy, avoiding cumbersome processes.

Shipping scale, emits readings of weighing through indicators, which you can choose between a wide variety of brands and functions, not necessarily the scale of sent has integrated the indicator, by which the customer can choose the one that suits you. In our Catalog and accessories section you will find variety of indicators.

The majority of our Shipping scale have features designed to operate both within and outside of offices, establishment and warehouses, since most are with compact, light weight and durable materials, prevails where the aluminum, stainless steel including high quality plastic, frequently used in scales of sent laptops. As well as the Shipping scale have system of rechargeable batteries of long duration


salter brecknell ps7 shipping scales

The versatile, economical and colorful PS7 electronic postal scale from Brecknell is ideal for weighing letters and small parcels at home or in the office.

This 7 lb capacity scale weighs in gram, pounds or pounds/ounces iincrements of 1 g or 1/8 oz. Features ABS plastic construction and available in three colors to accent any office. Battery operated with an auto-off function. Large LCD display for easy visibility.

Colors - Blue, Gray and Pink
Rugged Construction- ABS plastic
Units of Measure- g, lb, lb/oz
Display- 7 segment LCD
Battery- 2 AAA batteries (included)

Our Price: US$80.00
Market price: US$90.00 save 11%
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salter brecknell ps25 shipping scale

This simple weight-only electronic scale is perfect for letter and small parcel mail to ensure correct postage without overpayment. The low profile design is easy to use and store. Features a flip-up letter stand to hold large envelopes. Powered via four AAA battery or USB cable (both included). This model has a Units key to toggle between kg, g and lbs/oz, and an On/Off/Tare key. 

Colors - Blue, Gray and Pink
Construction- ABS with flip up roll and flat holder
Display- 15 mm / 0.6" digits with backlight
Power- Four AAA batteries or USB cable (both included)

Our Price: US$99.00
Market price: US$199.00 save 50%
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salter brecknell ps-usb shipping scale

This simple weight-only electronic scale is perfect for letter and small parcel mail to ensure correct postage without overpayment. The low profile design is easy to use and store.


- Capacities– 15 kg / 30 lb, 30 kg /
70 lb, 60 kg / 150 lb
- Construction– Heavy duty cast
aluminum base with stainless steel
- Power– 6VDC 500mA adapter
with center positive (included) or
four AA batteries (not included) or
USB (VCP) cable (included)
- Display– 6½ digits 25 mm / 1"
high, seven segments LCD with
blue backlight
-RS-232 and USB Interface
- Operator Keys– Hold/setup, print/
func, acc/total, unit/data, tare/preset,
- Warranty– One year

Our Price: US$593.00
Market price: US$693.00 save 14%
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ohaus sd compact shipping scale (77 to 440 lb)
The OHAUS SD is a robust portable bench scale designed specifically with affordability, utility and everyday usage in mind. Ideal for home office, mail room, shipping and receiving, and general commercial and industrial weighing applications, the model SD features durable painted steel treaded and non-treaded platforms, a remote indicator with two tactile function keys, battery operation and flexible mounting capabilities.

Our Price: US$185.00
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