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With these sending or receiving products you will be able to determine in matter of seconds the weight of the merchandise that you want to send or receive. The environment of use of these scales for shipping or receiving is very extended. In this web you will find slight scale for postal service or receiving with a case of plastic or stainless steel.

Some of these products can be fed by batteries, what allows them a bigger mobility. The most required shipping scale is it that have a range of weight from 30 to 60 kg. Some models of diverse series features an RS-232 interface for data transmission to the PC (cable of data and software are optional). You will be able to to elaborate and to value the data comfortably in the computer.


salter brecknell 7620 shipping scale
The NCI Model 7620 features a multi-weight range capability. This bench scale is designed to weigh letters, flats, parcels and larger packages up to 150 lbs on a single scale.
Accurate and Reliable– Quartzell® transducers
provide the highest repeatability for consistent weight
Internal Display– 7 digit, 1/2" high (12.7 mm) LCD.
Construction– Stainless steel or ABS plastic weight
platter. Die-cast aluminum base and loadbridge.
Display Controls– ZERO: With AZT or push button
to re-establish zero reference. UNITS: Allows unit
switching, on a real-time view of internal setting.
Field Calibration– Alternate span points can simplify
field calibration by using less than full capacity weights.
Units Switching– Switch between decimal pounds and
pounds/ounces, decimal pounds and kilograms,
or pounds/ounces and kilograms.
Interface Cable– Includes 10 foot DB-9 pin interface
cable to connect to your PC.
Emulation Protocols– Standard NCI default with field
configurable settings of A5350D and PS6L. This allows
you to select compatible scale communication settings
or scale drivers during field installation when interfacing
with shipping software programs or host devices.
Metrologic Configurations– Set-up scale to display
weight as multi-range, multi-interval or high resolution.

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salter brecknell 7050 sampling scale
The Model 7050 with Quartzell® digital transducer technology, produces the highest speed and resolution in the industry for USPS bulk mail users. Combining dot matrix alphanumeric display and a tactile keyboard, accurate and easy-to-read information is immediately available. The ability to sample and count from bulk lots increases productivity through piece counting of filled mail trays.
Quartzell Technology– Highest speed and resolution
in the industry allows the most accurate computation
Construction Die– Cast aluminum enclosure and load
bridge ensures long life
Dot Matrix Backlit – LCD Display Presentation of data
is in alphanumeric format. Contrast is adjustable.
Serial I/O Ports– RS-232 for printer output
Last transaction Memory– Stores data from previous
transaction for instant recall and review
Control Keys– 0-9 keypad plus decimal, Enter,
Clear, Tare, Zero, Escape
Soft Function Keys– Sample, Manual Weight, Units,
Pcwt, Pc/Lb, Recall, Remote Scale,
I.D. Number, Print, Off
Manual Data Entry– Allows keypad manual entry of
weight, tare, piece weight, pieces per unit weight and
I.D. number
Single Unit Weighing– Can weigh individual pieces
by 0.001 lb, 0.01 oz or 0.0005 kg
Selectable Units of Measure– lb, oz, kg, lb/oz

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ohaus sd compact shipping scale (77 to 440 lb)
The OHAUS SD is a robust portable bench scale designed specifically with affordability, utility and everyday usage in mind. Ideal for home office, mail room, shipping and receiving, and general commercial and industrial weighing applications, the model SD features durable painted steel treaded and non-treaded platforms, a remote indicator with two tactile function keys, battery operation and flexible mounting capabilities.

Our Price: US$185.00
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fairbanks ship-it 2455-b shipping_scales

Weight information is presented on a six character, seven segment light emitting diode (LED) display located on the front of the unit. The characters are 9/16" tall, bright red and easy-to-read, even from a distance.

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