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single ended beam

Designed for low profile scales and process applications. Come in two common sizes LE- large envelop or SE- small envelop. Most models in the market are now NTEP approved for capacities from 1000 to 10,000 lb as they are very often used in the shipping industry for freight scales. Non- NTEP are also available and range from 250 to 20,000 lb. Most are alloy of stainless steel material.


anyload 563ysbk single-ended beam load cell (500kg)

Perfect for Platform scale; Small hopper and tank scale

Our Price: US$263.00
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anyload 563yslb single-ended beam load cell (500lb to 2.5K lb)

Ideal for Platform scale, Track scale, Process weighing, Hopper & tank weighing, Wash down or corrosive applications

Our Price: US$220.00
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Anyload 563YSLF Single-Ended Beam Load Cell (1.5K lb to 5K lb)

Special features:

  • High accuracy regulations up to 5 000d for scales class III
  • Stainless steel, glue-sealed construction, protection to IP67
  • Harsh environment or food industry

Our Price: US$423.00
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Anyload 563YSMT Stainless Steel Single-Ended Beam Load Cell (500lb to 10Klb)

Special features:

  • Low profile & high sensitivity
  • Welded-seal, IP68

Our Price: US$338.00
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