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single ended beam

Designed for low profile scales and process applications. Come in two common sizes LE- large envelop or SE- small envelop. Most models in the market are now NTEP approved for capacities from 1000 to 10,000 lb as they are very often used in the shipping industry for freight scales. Non- NTEP are also available and range from 250 to 20,000 lb. Most are alloy of stainless steel material.


anyload 563sh single-ended beam, alloy steel (100lb, 250lb)

Alloy Steel.

Special features:

● Low profile & high sensitivity
● Protection class IP67

Our Price: US$275.00
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Anyload 563YHRT Alloy Steel Single-Ended Beam Load Cell (1Klb to 10Klb)

Special features:

  • 563YHTH complies with OIML MAA C4, Y=15 000 and NTEP 1:6 000 Class III, M and NTEP 1:3 500 Class III, S
  • Low profile & high sensitivity
  • Protection to IP67
  • Explosion proof version (Ex ib II CT4)

Our Price: US$280.00
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hbm b35 single ended beam stainless steel ntep 1:5000 (250lb to 10klb)

Floor scales, Tanks, Hoppers


• Capacity range 250lb - 10000lb.
• Low profile
• Extremely rugged
• High adverse load capability
• Environmentally protected
• Stainless steel construction
• Protection class IP67
• FM Certified

Our Price: US$280.00
Market price: US$295.00 save 5%
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Anyload 563SHBB Single-Ended Beam Load Cell (200 lb)

Anyload Single-Ended Beam Alloy Steel Load Cell

Interchangeable with

  • Rice Lake RL40BBS

Our Price: US$338.00
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