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Aluminum Single Point Load Cell Sentronik 7346 3kg -60kg

Aluminum Single Point Load Cell Sentronik 7346 3kg -60kg

Sentronik 7346 Aluminum is a low profile single-point load cell designed for direct mounting in low cost weighing platforms. Its small physical size, combined with high accuracy and aluminum construction, makes this low cost load cell ideally suited for retail, bench and counting scales.

Rated output 1.0mV/V±10% (0.6~3kg)
Rated output 2.0mV/V±10% (6~60kg)

Accuracy class 0.03
Enviromental protection IP67
Material Aluminum

• Non-repeatability 0.02% F.S
• Creep in 30 minutes 0.03% F.S
• Temperature effect span 15 PPM /°C of Applied Load
• Temperature effect zero 26 PPM /°C of Applied Load
• Compensated temperature range -10°C~40°C
• Operating temperature range -40°C~65 °C
• Zero balance ±1% F.S
• Input resistance 400±15Ω
• Output resistance 350±3Ω
• Safe overload 150%F.S
• Excitation voltage 10VAC/DC
• Maximum excitation voltage 15VAC/DC
• Insulation resistance >5000MΩ(50V DC)

Interchangeable with:

  • Rice Lake RL1521
  • Celtron LPS
  • Artech 878
  • Tedea Huntleigh 1022
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load cell SEN 7346-60 60kg US$137.00
load cell SEN 7346-40 40kg US$137.00
load cell SEN 7346-35 35kg US$137.00
load cell SEN 7346-30 30kg US$137.00
load cell SEN 7346-20 20kg US$137.00
load cell SEN 7346-15 15kg US$137.00
load cell SEN 7346-10 10kg US$137.00
load cell SEN 7346-6 6kg US$137.00
load cell SEN 7346-3 3kg US$137.00
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