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Designed to be used as a single unit for bench and base scales. It is made for very low profile scales as it cannot reach capacities higher than around 3,000 lb as standard. This type of load cell can come in many shape sizes and materials, although most are made of aluminum for light weight scales, many are also stainless steel.


Aluminum Single Point Load Cell Sentronik 7357 30kg, 60kg, 150kg

Sentronik 7357 Aluminum Single Point Load Cell for use with medium size platforms, single point compact load cells.

Special features:

● Complies with OIML R60 C3
● Off-center load compensated  
● Protection to IP66

Our Price: US$370.00
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Aluminum Single Point Load Cell Sentronik 7359 10kg 15kg

Sentronik 7358 Aluminum is a low profile single-point load cell designed for direct mounting in weighing platforms. Its small physical size, combined with high accuracy and low cost, makes this load cell ideally suited for retail, bench and counting scales. Capacities of 10 kg and above are supplied as standard in anodized aluminum. This high accuracy load cell is approved to NTEP and other stringent approval standards, including OIML R60. A humidity resistant protective coating assures long-term stability over the entire compensated temperature range.

Our Price: US$150.00
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Anyload 108BS Stainless Steel Single Point Load Cell (10kg to 80kg)

Applications: Electronic balance; Check weigh and process weighing; Bench scale; Postal scale; Counting scale; Price computing scale.

Our Price: US$243.00
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Anyload 108EA Aluminum Single Point Beam Load Cell (30kg to 300kg)

Application: Bench scale; Check weigh and process weighing. OIML RoHS CE IP66 Measurement Ukraine.

Our Price: US$108.00
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