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Designed to be used as a single unit for bench and base scales. It is made for very low profile scales as it cannot reach capacities higher than around 3,000 lb as standard. This type of load cell can come in many shape sizes and materials, although most are made of aluminum for light weight scales, many are also stainless steel.


virtual vlc138 single point aluminum load cell (50 to 1200kg)
Single Point
platform scale
Belt Conveyor
Bench scales
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Anyload 108EA Aluminum Single Point Beam Load Cell (30kg to 300kg)

Application: Bench scale; Check weigh and process weighing. OIML RoHS CE IP66 Measurement Ukraine.

Our Price: US$108.00
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Aluminum Planar Beam Load Cell Sentronik 7401 75kg

The Setronik 7401 is a very low profile planar beam load cell. Its design allows for an extremely low scale construction. Using 3 or 4 type load cells is an alternative to a single point load cell configuration with the additional benefit of a practical unlimited platform size.

  • Material: Aluminum
  • Capacity: 75kg
  • Enviromental protection: IP65

Our Price: US$110.00
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