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tedea-1040-single-point-aluminum-load-cell (5 to 100kg)

tedea-1040-single-point-aluminum-load-cell (5 to 100kg)

Low-profile, off-center loading load cell. Designed for direct mounting of weighing platforms, hanging scales and other low-capacity beam applications. Long-term stability and durability are maintained. Load cells with potted cavities are available for improved performance in damp environments. Capacities from 5 to 100 kg (11.0 to 220.5 lb).

Interchangeable: HBM PW4, Celtron LOC, RL 1040

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SKU TED 10401
Market price: US$190.00
Our Price: US$180.00
Product Description Price
TED 1040 5kg Non-NTEP 5kg / 11lb Non-NTEP US$180.00
TED 1040 7kg Non-NTEP 7kg / 15lb Non-NTEP US$180.00
TED 1040 10kg 10kg / 22lb US$180.00
TED 1040 15kg 15kg / 33lb US$180.00
TED 1040 20kg 20kg / 44lb US$180.00
TED 1040 30kg 30kg / 66lb US$180.00
TED 1040 50kg 50kg / 110lb US$180.00
TED 1040 100kg 100kg / 220lb US$180.00
TED 33725 5 kg (11.0 lb) US$180.00
TED 33726 7 kg (15.4 lb) US$180.00
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