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tedea-4158-double-ended-alloy-steel (10 a 75k lb)

tedea-4158-double-ended-alloy-steel (10 a 75k lb)

The model 4158 is an alloy steel, environmentally sealed, double-ended beam product that is interchangeable with several other manufacturers’ designs. This product features the high quality manufacturing techniques used by Tedea, and is available in capacities ranging from 10,000 to 75,000 lb (4535.9 to 34,019.4 kg). Rugged and reliable, this family of products is NTEP certified from 20,000 to 75,000 lb. Each of these products is available with a 25' (7.6m) cable.

Interchangeable: Celtron CLB


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SKU TED 4158
Our Price: US$508.00
Product Description Price
TED 4158 10K Non-NTEP 4536kg / 10K Non-NTEP US$508.00
TED 4158 20K 9072kg / 20K US$508.00
TED 4158 25K 11340kg / 25K US$508.00
TED 4158 40K 18144kg / 40K US$508.00
TED 4158 50K 22680kg / 50K US$508.00
TED 4158 60K 27215kg / 60K US$508.00
TED 4158 75K 34019kg / 75K US$508.00
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