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tedea disk & canisters

These load cells are used in tank scales, vessel weighing, silo scales, truck weighing, vehicle scales, rail scales. Digital load cells and analoge load cells with OIML and NTEP approvals also for use in hazardous area.


tedea 120/122 compression stainless steel (20t to 150t)

Truck Scale and Silo Load Cell Tedea-Huntleigh Models 120 and 122 is a modern high capacity compression load cells of low profile. Complete with its own unique rocker mounting. Suitable for all heavy duty weighing applications, the Truck Scale and Silo Load Cells Tedea-Huntleigh Models 120 and 122 give the user high accuracy and low installation cost.

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tedea 220 commpression, stainless steel (5000 to 30,000kg)

Full Scale Output: 2 mV/V Bridge Resistance: 1000 ohms, nominal Material/Finish: Stainless steel Temperature: Operating temperature range 14° to 104°F/-10°C to 40°C Safe Overload: 150% at center loading point, full scale Rated Excitation: 10V DC (15V maximum) Total Error: 0.020% full scale Insulation Resistance: 2000 megohms Deflection at Capacity: <.5 mm at full scale Seal Type: Hermetically sealed, IP68 Cable Length: 5 m (5000 kg) 10 m (10-20,000 kg) 20 m (30,000 kg) Cable Diameter: .220 Polyurethane jacket.

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