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tor-rey-eqm-series-receiving-scale (400lb, 800lb, 2000lb)

tor-rey-eqm-series-receiving-scale (400lb, 800lb, 2000lb)

The EQM Series Shipping and Receiving Scales are an ideal tool for storage companies, markets, shipping departments, suppliers, foundries, manufacturers and more!

The EQM is equipped with a handlebar and (4) wheels to allow for easy movement and operation in your facility.  Built to last, our scale features an AC adapter and built-in rechargeable battery with an auto power-off function to save power.  The large steel base is designed to handle the rough handling of every day industrial weighing.  The EQM has a great capacity – this gives the scale the precision you need to help maximize your profits.  A weighing area of 44″ x 29″ provides ample space to meet your weighing needs.

The EQM Series also features an easy to read display mounted on a 45.8″ steel pillar, the the added flexibility to work as a remote indicator when using the scale as a platform.  Tough enough for every day professional use, the EQM series also features overload and impact protection with a shock-absorbing platform and heavy duty steel construction. So if you need a dependable and sturdy receiving scale at a very affordable price, choose the EQM Series from TOR REY.

  • Storage Companies
  • Markets
  • Shipping Departments
  • Household Suppliers
  • Steel and Aluminum Foundries
  • Office Suppliers
  • Manufacturers
  • Shipping and Receiving
  • Industry in general
  • …and more!
  • 1000 kg / 2000 lb Capacity
  • Precise to 500 g / .5 lbs
  • 29″ x 44″ Removable Platter
  • Pillar Mounted Indicator
  • Toggles Between KG/LB
  • Built-In Rechargeable Battery
  • Maximum Tare:  1000 lbs
  • Operating Temp:  14 to 104°F

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Our Price: US$849.00
Product Description Price
TOR EQM-200/400 200 x 0.05kg / 400 x 0.1lb US$849.00
TOR EQM-400/800 400 x 0.1kg / 800 x 0.2lb US$849.00
TOR EQM-1000/2000 1000 x 0.2kg / 2000 x 0.5lb US$849.00
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