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The PIQ indicator is TOR REY’s weighing device monitor designed with the newest technology required for the industrial market. Offering 49 programmable tares and 8 direct access keys, the PIQ has the ability to handle two independent platforms and works seamlessly with TOR REY’s PLP Series floor scales.

With programmable capacities from 10 kg to 500 metric tons, the PIQ features unsurpassed quality and design in a compact and easy to use cabinet.  The ability convert from kilograms to pounds or metric tons to short tons is easily accomplished with the large keypad and net, gross and tare weights can be printed.  A large LCD display with backlight makes this indicator easy to read no matter its location.

The PIQ indicator offers easy communication to a PC/printer via a built-in serial port.  With the ability to set the zero reference, switch net, tare and gross weight easily, the PIQ is an ideal indicator for use in a variety of industrial weighing applications.


  • Programmable Capacities from 10 kg to 500 metric tons
  • 6 Possible Divisions for each capacity
  • 10,000 External Divisions
  • 7 Different Levels for Zero Tracking
  • 20 Different Levels for the Digital Filter
  • Accumulating Tare
  • 49 Memories for Tares, 8 for Direct Access
  • Three programmable keys for functions
  • Programmable Initial Zero System Mechanics
  • Net, gross and tare weights can be printed
  • Dual Analog to Digital Conversions
  • AC Adapter
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TOR PIQ Digital Weigh Indicator US$389.00
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