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tor rey portion control scales

These weighing instruments can be used in a wide spectrum of applications from delis and pizza parlors, to bakeries and restaurants, or any establishment where accurate portion weighing is needed. Portion control is essential for the food service and professional community. Precise digital models, specialty portion control and mechanical with internal stop mechanisms are all designed to meet the durability the professional market requires, while keeping accuracy at the forefront.


tor-rey ps-5 series portioning scale (10lb)

White Painted Enamel Portioning Scale

PS-5 AI Stainless steel cabinet & platter

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tor-rey-leq-series-portioning-scale (10lb, 20lb)

The Tor-Rey LEQ Series Portion Control Scales feature a progressive tare to obtain net weight while automatically subtracting the container’s weigh for precise measurement. Built to last, Tor-Rey's scale features an AC adapter and built-in rechargeable battery with an auto power-off function to save power. The stainless steel cabinet and plate are designed to handle the rough handling of everyday use. With a footprint of only 7.8″ x 9.6″, this powerful scale meets the needs of your business while requiring minimal space.

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tor-rey-pzc-series-portioning-scale (10lb, 20lb)

The Tor-Rey PZC series portioning scales (also available in a 20 lb capacity) feature a progressive tare function to obtain net weight while automatically subtracting the container’s weight for precision measurement.  Featuring a foot tare pedal (included) to increase throughput and significantly enhance food handling safety, our scale functions with an AC adapter or built-in rechargeable battery.

Our Price: US$199.00
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